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 1-Day Scoping A Loss Class  - May 19 or July 21- $149.00
 2-Day Xactimate® 28 with Sketch -  May 20-21 or July 22-23 - $295.00 
 SPECIAL:  3-day COMBO class ... save $75.00! - Only $369.00

 1-Day Scoping A Loss Class - June 2
 2-Day Xactimate® 28 with Sketch!-  June 3-4 or July 29-30 - $295.00 
 SPECIAL:   3-day COMBO class June 2-4... save $75.00! - Only $369.00

 All classes taught by qualified, seasoned Commercial and Large Loss Adjuster

​​Instructor:  Ben Jernigan - 855-645-3276 - Call with any questions.

Class Times:8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Dress Code:  Casual

Pay Method: Secured Checkout through PAYPAL®



Please note that these will be SMALL classes with very limited seating between 8 to 12 students. 

Classes are subject to sale out without notice. Seats available on a first come, first served basis.

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Adjusterstraining Xactimate Training


Candlewood Suite - The Woodlands
17525 St Lukes Way, The Woodlands, TX 77384
Hotel Phone (936) 271-2100

Room Rates start @ $89.00 plus applicable taxes


Holiday Inn SW

5711 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy

Kassimmee, FL 34746

Hotel Phone (321) 401 1020
Room Rates start @ $79.00 plus applicable taxes

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CLass & Equipment  Requirements

Bring your laptop computer with Xactimate® 28 demo loaded on.  If you do not have the demo, please contact us prior to class.  As this is a comprehensive software training program, basic proficient computer skills are required.  Download your Xactimate® 28 demo online or have it shipped to you! Please have software operational prior to coming to class.
Computer Requirements:
Windows‚® XP / Vista.
1.5 GHz or higher recommended (1 GHz minimum supported; may limit performance and some features).
1 GB of RAM recommended (512 MB of RAM minimum supported; may limit performance and some features).
1.5 Gig of available hard drive space.
SVGA color monitor with resolution set at 1024x768 or higher required.
High speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, ISDN, T-1, etc.) recommended (56K modem minimum supported).

continued education information

CEU Hours for Florida Classes held in Florida. Excludes Texas Classes. Texas classes are currently Non-CEU Classes.

These classes wil provides you with a comprehensive "hands-on" approach to jump-start your adjuster career. This comprehensive course will stair-step you from the basics of Xactimate 28® & Sketch to complete estimate production.  We use an Easy 1-2-3, common-sense approach to help you understand not only what to do, but why.  This course is perfect for those who want an easy-to-understand and in-depth knowledge of using Xactimate® and Sketch.


Registration fee is fully refundable up to 14 days prior to your scheduled class less a $100.00 non-refundable processing fee. All request of refunds MUST be made in writing by emailing us at  If cancellation is not arranged PRIOR to 14 days before scheduled class, the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, we will allow you to come to our next scheduled class and a $100.00 transfer fee will apply. To reschedule to another class, please email  

If class is cancellation of instructor(s), then 100% refund will be made.  Minimum class participation is required. Students are solely responsible for any and all travel arrangements and their cost of travel. If classes are canceled for any reason, then will allow students to either attend another class with notification and/or issue a refund to the student for the actual cost of their course enrollment price.  Refund for a cancelled class will be limited to the actual price paid for the class by the student. is not responsible for any students travel cost at any time.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:   Whether you are a new adjuster just starting out, a new adjuster who is gaining experience, or a long-term insurance or residential building professional with many years in the business, our training is specifically designed to take you to the next level in building claims with Xactimate 28.  Our proven "Easy 1-2-3 Step" training is a common-sense approach which stairsteps you from the basics of Xactimate through advance features, plus SKETCH provides an easy way to graphically create professional estimates.  The enhanced Xactimate 28 + SKETCH class provides you with a comprehensive "hands-on" approach to jump-start your adjuster career.  We also help contractors and building professionals to understand how to write estimates that get paid fast!
Our "EASY1-2-3" teaching method shortens your learning curve to understanding and using Xactimate 27 in everyday insurance claims and construction estimates. Seating is limited, so secure your reservation, mark your calendar, and save money.
Learn to build a real claim!  When you leave this class, you will know how to:

+Learn how to use "CLICK, DRAG, & DROP" to graphically estimate a loss with SKETCH!

+Learn to SKETCH, Calculate, and estimate roof automatically!

+Learn HOW TO learn how to SKETCH roofs and interiors!

+Learn how to use graphical estimating using click, drag, & drop to build trusses, wall framing, concrete, flooring, and carpeting with a click of your mouse!
+You Will Build An Actual Estimate During The Class.
+How To Avoid Litigation On Your Claims
+How To Create PDF Files And Stack PDF Files
+Uploading Electronic Claims
+Equipment Needed For Estimating.
+Set Up Connections  In Xactimate
+Setup Security And Passwords
+Setup Waste Factors
+Setup Inspections Factors
+Setup Labor Efficiencies Factors
+Setup Base Service Charges
+Setup Overhead & Profits For Contractors
+Setup And Apply Depreciation
+Setup SKETCH Preferences
+Setup Valuation Preferences
+Setup Autosave Features
+Setup Your Insurance Companies
+Setup And Your Claims Services Company  (Vendors)
+Download Price Listsand Modify Price List
+Use Real Time Training
+Download  50 Different Helpful Downloads And Training Manuals
+Learn To Connect To 24/7 Online Support (Need Help At 3:00 AM?)
+Learn To Use Data Transfer - Send And Receive Electronic Files
+Create Template Shortcuts -- Literally Saving You Hours Of Time (Remember:  Time Is $$$)
+Learn To SKETCH And Build Out Roofs
+Learn To Sketch and Build Out Rooms
+Learn How To Make Sketch Template – Thus Never Redrawing The Same Roof Again.
+Learn Shortcuts In Sketch That Will Save Time And Make Easy And Simple Calculations For Roofs, Ceilings, Walls, And Flooring.
+Learn How To Use Dimension Of Elevations And Rooms.
+Import And Sort Photographs And Label For Photo Sheets
+Create And Stack Multiple Documents In PDF Format Within Xactimate- Plus Learn The Principals Of Maintaining A Successful Adjuster Business.

WHy Do professional adjusters choose to obtain their Xactimate 28 Training and Sketch Training from 's Our Xactimate training classes are certified with the Texas Department of Insurance and the Florida Department of Financial Services.  Our course  "Accurate Estimate & Claims Writing With Xactimate" provides you with a comprehensive "hands-on" approach to jump-start your adjuster career. This comprehensive course will stair-step you from the basics of Xactimate 28 & Sketch to complete estimate production.  We use an Easy 1-2-3, common-sense approach to help you understand not only what to do, but why.  This course is perfect for those who want an easy-to-understand and in-depth knowledge of using Xactimate and Sketch.  New and experienced adjusters alike, as well as contractors, have chosen their number one choice to learn Xactimate while attending affordable classes!
In this class, you will:

Learn the basic-to-advanced functions of Xactimate claims writing in one class.
Be ready to go to work and write estimates, whether working as a staff adjuster or catastrophe adjuster.
Receive specific claims-writing training for adjusters and contractors.
Learn to sketch roofs and interior floor plans as required by insurance carriers.
Learn how to use Xactimate 28 & Sketch to write professional estimates.
Learn Sketch Shortcuts and Power Estimating Techniques
Learn the tricks, tools, and shortcuts to build your claims faster and more accurate

Why is Xactimate ® the program of choice for professional adjusters nationwide?

Xactimate® and Sketch is the benchmark of estimating software for estimators, contractors, homebuilders, and general contractors.  This is why professional adjusters chooses to utilize Xactimate® while writing professional insurance claims for many major property insurance companies.

Payment paid to Freedom Finance Corporation dba Subject to all cancellation   provisions below.If you cannot check out with checkout cart, then the class has been sold out!

Xactimate® is a Registered Trademark of Xactware® is independently owned and is not affiliated with Xactware® or Xactimate®

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Orlando Area - Class Schedule - Click on Drop Down for Options

​​   2-Day Xactimate® 28 / Sketch Class + 1 Day Scoping Class 

1-Day Scoping A Loss Class - Learn to Document a property loss in order to create an Xactimate® estimate!

2-Day Xactimate® 28 / Sketch Class Class - Learn to build professional estimates 

        HOUSTON, TX  or ORLANDO, FL          

Students are required to make their own reservation directly with hotel and are responsible for all charges, and applicable taxes.