Our “ Scoping and Inspecting A Property Loss ”  class answers these and many other vital questions for newer adjusters.  This class is designed to prepare you for four important phases as a new adjuster.  They are:


  • Our adjuster training classes teaches new adjusters exactly what is expected of them by insurance companies in a storm environment and what they must do in order to be successful. You will understand the basic principles of how to properly scope a property (investigate damages) and how to deal with an insured.

  • Our Scoping and Inspecting A Property Loss Class is specifically designed to prepare new adjusters for the upcoming hail and hurricane seasons.  You will especially learn the five-point inspection process for hail and hurricane damages to a building and how to document these damages to an insurance company.  Documenting all storm-related damages means more money for the adjuster.


  • As an independent adjuster you will learn the basic principles of running your own adjusting business.  Why re-invent the wheel?  You will learn a proven method of managing your own adjusting business.

  • Finally, this class is also geared to prepare a new adjuster to pass certification courses of major insurance companies who require you to pass their specific requirements. Gain the confidence needed to be a professional adjuster.

​STEP 1  - 0BTAIN YOUR TEXAS ADJUSTER's  LICENSE! - The need for adjusters

In addition, there is the need for adjusters to handle daily claims for residential, commercial, farm and ranch that are damaged by fire, freeze, ice/snow, theft, and vandalism.  Adjusters are also needed to work claims on autos, and marine/boat claims. Remember, an insurance adjuster’s income is directly related to storm damage, not the economy.  The Texas All-Lines adjuster license allows you to work all these types of claims.

The Licenses You Need. In order to start your adjusting career you must first have the appropriate insurance adjuster license.  There are 34 states that have specific requirements for adjuster license and 16 states that have no requirements.  If you are a Texas resident or you reside in one of the non-licensing states, then the Texas All Lines adjusters can serve as your designated home state license!

Get Started Adjusting Claims.  You must obtain your Texas All Lines adjuster license first. Since our company is owned by adjusters and all training is provided by certified adjusters. You will learn the Texas All Lines course study course from the stand point of an adjuster.  The benefits of  our “live” class room training with an instructor allows the students to interact, ask questions, and complete the class over several days. All materials, including the state examination are included in the course.

The TEXAS All-Lines Adjuster Licensing Course Overview- Our Texas all-lines insurance adjuster license class and exam is designed to fulfill all the requirements for obtaining the coveted Texas all-lines adjuster license. Upon completion of the course and exam we will assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork to obtain your license.

The Texas Insurance Adjuster All-Lines License Course is designed to cover all the fundamentals of insurance in an easy-to-understand format. The classes are conducted in a comfortable learning environment that encourages open discussion and learning.

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Adjusterstraining Texas Adjuster License

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​​​STEP 3- You must convert damages in to a professional estimate

WRITING PROFESSIONAL ESTIMATES  - You must be able to take the documented storm damages were found and convert it into a professional estimate.'s XACTIMATE ® 28 & Sketch Training classes – The vast majority of the major insurance companies use a remodeling and construction software called Xactimate ®.  This is the bench-mark of estimating software that is used by home builders, remodelers, and professional insurance adjusters.  Our comprehensive 2 day and 3-Day Xactimate Training and Sketch class will teach you the program from the very beginning -- from turning your computer on to the more advanced features.  You will learn the shortcuts and the easy way of building a professional estimate.  Our Easy 1-2-3 teaching method has been extremely beneficial to both new adjusters and old pros that needed to learn Xactimate ®.    You will received our Adjusters Training class certification showing that you have completed this course.

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