One - On One Individual training to learn the following:                                                               - Xactimate® 28 + advanced Sketch,                                                                                                               - Scoping and Estimating a Loss,                                                                                                                   - advanced adjusting for Commercial and Large Loss Training

Advantages of the AdjustersTraining’com’s “One-On-One” Live On-Line Training:

 + Interactive online one-on-one with a live instructor!

 + We Specialize in One-On-One Training. Be the only one in class!

 + Personal one-on-one training without the travel time and expense of hotels and meals out!

 + Learn from the comfort of your home or office with our interactive online classes.

 + Learn at you own pace. Cut down your learning time.

 + We will specialize the training for your specific needs.

 + Our trainers will work with you based on your schedule needs.

 + Classes available for morning, afternoons, or evenings.

 + We offer 2-hour, 4-hour, and up to 8-hour training windows.

 + We specialize in small group training 1 to 10 students.

 + Have direct access with instructor to answer your questions.

Instructor: Ben Jernigan - Professional Commercial and Large Loss Adjuster

Schedule Your One-On-One Training Classes Available:

Schedule You’re your On-Line Training Now – Call us at 855-645-3276 and speak to the instructor about scheduling a training session or fill out the contact form below and our instructor will be glad to contact you regarding schedules and to answer your questions. Once we confirm a date and time for training, you will receive a confirmation email along with a PAYPAL link for payment.

Learn Xactimate® 28 + Sketch – This enhanced and comprehensive training provides a “hands-on” approach and is designed to jumps-start your adjuster or estimator career.  This comprehensive training will stair step you from the basics of Xactimate 28 + Sketch to complete estimate production. We use an Easy 1-2-3, common-sense approach to help you understand not only what to do, but more importantly, why! This course is geared for the newer adjuster or those wanting to gain more experience and make a short cut through the learning curve.  This class is designed to teach adjusters what they need to know PRIOR to being deployed to a storm site!

Scoping and Estimating a Loss – This course us geared for the newer adjuster or those who want to gain more damage investigation skills of properly scoping and documenting damages to a property.  This class is designed to provide you the insight needed PRIOR to being deployed to a storm site.  This practical class will teach you how to scope a loss in Xactimate® terms! This will make your estimating easier with our field tested method of scoping damages.
Commercial and Large Loss Training – There are literally billions spent on large losses and total loss property claims. The commercial and large loss claims are some of the most complex claims that an adjuster can work or estimate. This step-by-step training is designed to provide you with the working knowledge of scoping, and building estimates for Commercial and Large Loss claims.  

One-On-One – Personal Training - Call Us at 855-645-3276
Early Spring Classes Now Available!
An Affordable Way to Learn Adjusting  and Estimating Skills!


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Serving Public Interest since 1996. is known in the insurance industry for providing adjuster training excellence.Our motto is “Providing Uncompromising Quality of Service”. is committed to your success as an insurance or estimating professional. Our approach is very simple and effective. Our course is all about you getting real HANDS-ON experience.  We have developed a comprehensive courses that are designed to help you understand the principals of properly documenting a property loss and building professional estimates. Our "ONE-ON-ONE" training is specifically designed to help the individual student to work direct with the instructor to develop the skill set needed to investigate damages to property,  and develop professional estimates for property losses.