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This 1-DAY class is more than a just a “Scoping Class”.  This 1-DAY class is specifically designed to aid the student to learn  the core knowledge of adjusting principles, scoping a property loss for hail-wind-hurricane claims.   This practical class of scoping and estimating will answer the questions that many are seeking regarding where to work, how to get paid and what must be done in order to properly examine a home for damages. This class has jump-started many adjusters to a professional career as an adjuster!

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* FLORIDA 14 CEU Hours for Xactimate Classes in ORLANDO - Adjuster Optional

Excludes Texas Classes. Texas classes are currently Non-CEU Classes.
CEU Hours for Florida Classes only attended in Florida only.

ORLANDO Xactimate Classes :From 06/03/2017 to 06/04/2017 
The course offering for 71252 - ACCURATE CLAIMS AND ESTIMATE WRITING WITH XACTIMATE from 06/03/2017 to 06/04/2017 has been APPROVED. The Course Offering ID is 1066483. 

ORLANDO Xactimate Classes :From 07/29/2017 to 07/30/2017 
The course offering for 71252 - ACCURATE CLAIMS AND ESTIMATE WRITING WITH XACTIMATE from 07/29/2017 to 07/30/2017 has been APPROVED. The Course Offering ID is 1066484.

These classes will provides you with a comprehensive "hands-on" approach to jump-start your adjuster career. This comprehensive course will stair-step you from the basics of Xactimate 28® & Sketch to complete estimate production.  We use an Easy 1-2-3, common-sense approach to help you understand not only what to do, but why.  This course is perfect for those who want an easy-to-understand and in-depth knowledge of using Xactimate® and Sketch.

Registration fee is fully refundable up to 14 days prior to your scheduled class less a $100.00 non-refundable processing fee. All request of refunds MUST be made in writing by emailing us at AdjustersTraining@gmail.com.  If cancellation is not arranged PRIOR to 14 days before scheduled class, the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, we will allow you to come to our next scheduled class and a $100.00 transfer fee will apply. To reschedule to another class, please email AdjustersTraining@gmail.com.  

If class is cancellation of instructor(s), then 100% refund will be made.  Minimum class participation is required. Students are solely responsible for any and all travel arrangements and their cost of travel. If classes are canceled for any reason, then AdjustersTraining.com will allow students to either attend another class with notification and/or issue a refund to the student for the actual cost of their course enrollment price.  Refund for a cancelled class will be limited to the actual price paid for the class by the student. AdjustersTraining.com is not responsible for any students travel cost at any time.

Please that there are no Current Classes Scheduled

Learn and demonstrate the core knowledge of adjusting principles and claims production.

This class is more than a just a “Scoping Class”.  If you are a new adjuster, this class is designed to take you to the next level of being a trained professional adjuster and be ready for HAIL and WIND storm deployment.  If you are serious about being as successful adjuster, then this is a class you need to attend!  

  • Learn the principals  of the “Fundamentals of Adjusting” and inspecting a property loss.
  • How to properly and accurately scope a loss for HAIL and WIND.
  • How to assess hail damage on roofs and elevations
  • How to successfully operate your adjuster career as a “real business”. 
  • How to be prepared for skills assessment exams by gaining the essential “core knowledge” needed.
  • How to demonstrate your preparedness to work as a successful adjuster during this Hurricane Season!
  • How to create accurate estimates using Xactimate 28.  
  • Basic-to-advanced features of Sketch -- Roofs and Interiors

Who Should Attend?

  • A new adjuster who has never scoped a loss or worked a claim.
  • A newer adjuster who struggled working claims in the last storm.
  • An adjuster who could have made more money if they could work claims faster.
  • An adjuster who wants to manage their time better in order to make more money.  Time is money!
  • An adjuster who needs organizational skills and a systematic approach to working claims.
  • An adjuster who needs questions answered before working the next storm and learn on a real building.


This class is specifically for the NEWER adjuster that is just getting started, or the experienced adjuster who wants to sharpen their skills in order to make more money.   This practical class of scoping and estimating will answer the questions that many are seeking regarding where to work, how to get paid and what must be done in order to properly examine a home for damages.
LEARN PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. This course is geared for the newer adjuster or those who want to gain more scoping experience and make a short-cut through the learning curve.   This class is specifically designed to teach NEWER ADJUSTERS what they need to know PRIOR to being deployed!  Additionally, we will teach you how to scope a loss in Xactimate terms! This will make your estimating easier with our field tested method of scoping damages.  Learn the answers to your questions about adjusting!
Tentative Class Schedule include the following subject matters:
+Discover how adjuster's pay plans really work and how claim companies pay!
+Learn how to set up claim files in your computer!
+Learn about the pitfalls to avoid when preparing to go to your first storm!
+Learn the tricks of the trade regarding equipment, tools and their use!
+Learn what to do with your claims, dealing with the insured, and keeping your required records!
+Learn how to scope and easily measure roofs, elevations, interior rooms, and offsets!
+Learn the terminology used in Xactimate for scoping!
+Receive field-tested scope sheets that eliminates missed damages, thus producing a more accurate claim, and earning more money!!
+Learn how teams can work cross  country (long distance) to speed up claims processing!  More Claims = More Money!!
+This class is geared to not only teach you basic estimating & scoping, but will teach you how to make more money!
+Where To Find Work.  We'll Provide You Some Great Sources To Get Started
+How Claims Companies Work The Adjusters
+How And When Will You Get Paid?
+Equipment Needed To Scope Damages
+How To Scope And Estimate Roofs, Elevations, And Interiors.
+How To Document Damages Found.
+Effective Photos Of Damages
+How To Set Up Your Computer Files For Storms
+How To Prepare To Get Ready For A Storm
+How To Set Up Scoping Appointments
+How To Keep Daily Logs Of Activity
+  Looking for work or want to get on a roster?  Many new adjusters ask themselves the following questions.  Now that I have my license where do I look for work?  How do I build a resume?  What information should be in my resume to get me noticed?  How do I contact companies who hire adjusters? You will receive the answers to these questions, and much, much more useful information and resources to jump-start your career.  Our course includes a nuts and bolts session on how to build a successful resume and where to submit your resume. 
+ Electronic contents form
+ Basic estimating principals ‚– The Do’s and Don’ts
+ A full depreciation guide
+ National Flood program information
+ Composition roof shortcuts
+ Tile roof shortcuts
+ Misc Roof items shortcuts
+ Drywall shortcuts
+ Fine carpentry shortcuts
+ Exterior siding shortcuts