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Why is Xactimate® the program of choice for professional adjusters nationwide?  Xactimate and Sketch is the benchmark of estimating software for estimators, contractors, homebuilders, and general contractors.  This is why professional adjusters chooses to utilize Xactimate while writing professional insurance claims for many major property insurance companies.....Learn More About Our Classes

3-Day Texas All-Lines adjuster licensing


Our Texas all-lines insurance adjuster license class and exam is designed to fulfill all the requirements for obtaining the coveted Texas all-lines adjuster license. Upon completion of the course and  exam we will assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork to obtain your license.....Learn More About Our Classes

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We are professional catastrophic adjusters providing comprehensive and affordable training in a small class room environment, on-line CEU classes, and our on-line portal to renew your licenses and other services. We specializing in Texas Adjuster Licensing classes, Practical Scoping a Property for Damages Loss, and Xactimate ® and Sketch training. 


Our proven "Easy 1-2-3 Step" training is a common-sense approach which stair-steps you from obtaining your Texas adjuster licenses, learning the practical steps of investing a property loss, and using Xactimate 28 and its advanced features to build professional estimates.  Whether you are a new adjuster just starting out, or a long-term professional with many years of experience, our training is specifically designed to take you to the next level in building claims with Xactimate ® & SKETCH.   

  • Do you need to LEARN Xactimate ® 28 and SKETCH to create claims?  
  • Do you want to earn MORE MONEY as a CAT Adjuster? 
  • Are you a New Insurance Adjuster just getting started and NEED EXPERIENCE? 
  • Are you looking to get past the initial LEARNING CURVE before a storm hits? 
  • Are you looking for AFFORDABLE & QUALITY training for Xactimate ® andSKETCH? 

get all your ceu hours on-line - training courses

AdjustersTraining.com has partnered with WebCE, a leading nationwide provider of Continuing Education for insurance professionals to provide you with state-approved self-study CE courses to satisfy your CE requirements online!.....Learn more about On-Line CEU Courses.

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Online CEU Courses



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scoping & Inspecting property loss classes


This course is specifically geared for the newer adjuster or those who want to gain more practical scoping experience and make a short-cut through the learning curve. This practical class of scoping and estimating will answer the questions that many are seeking regarding where to work, how to get paid and what must be done in order to properly examine a home for damages.....Learn More About Our Classes  

apply / renew licenses and other services

Simple and easy to Apply for licenses, renew your license, look up education credits, check on renewal status, check on license application, letter of certification, update address, find your licenses number/NPN, check on your status with a state... Apply  or renew your licenses.

Online "One-on-one" xactimate, scoping a loss, and commercial and large loss class


Our "ONE-ON-ONE" training is specifically designed to help the individual student to work direct with the instructor to develop the skill set needed to investigate damages to property,  and develop professional estimates for property losses. Learn Xactimate®  + Sketch, Scoping a Loss, or Commercial and Large Loss property losses..... Learn More About Our Classes.